Gasket Material Types

Our Solutions

Find the optimum sealing solution with the broad range of gasket materials from Interface Performance Materials. Our high-performance portfolio delivers best-in-class value by offering the right balance of price and performance.

To provide an environmentally friendly solution, our materials are made without solvents using a Hydro-Fused® process. This advanced, water-based, solvent-free beater addition process can produce a full range of sheet thicknesses and densities that compete with solvent-containing materials, but with less environmental impact.

Our wide family of solvent-free gasket material types includes fiber composites, rubber edged composites, metal and metal laminates.

Fiber Composite

Fit your application with over 60 engineered composite materials in multiple formulations and technologies, plus unique screen printing and coating capabilities, all 100% free of asbestos and solvents.

Rubber Edged Composite

Maintain seal integrity and long-term, stable bolt load retention with Select-a-Seal® rubber edged composite (REC) technology using an elastomeric edge on an engineered composite carrier.

Metal and Metal Laminates

Enjoy excellent sealing characteristics, erosion resistance and competitive pricing with our wide range of metal and custom laminated materials.