To maintain transmission fluid under pressure, Interface Performance Materials is a leader in providing high-performance sealing solutions for a wide range of transmission applications.

  • In automotive automatic transmissions, our erosion-resistant gaskets are used in the control module and valve body to prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid that is intermittently pressurized during shifting.
  • In hydraulic drive systems used in lawn and garden equipment, Interface Performance Materials gaskets are employed to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage in the case-to-case joint.
  • For commercial and off-highway vehicles, our high-pressure sealing solutions are used in valve bodies and control modules of new automatic truck transmissions and in low-pressure sealing for case-to-case joints and pan covers.
  • For heavy-duty transmissions used in earth movers and other massive construction vehicles, our dependable sealing solutions are employed in valve bodies, case-to-case joints and pan covers.

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